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Erasmus+ KA1 workshop ALIPPE 2016

We will run the ALIPPE course in our prison school this summer!

Valk&Uil has organized again an ALIPPE workshop for prison educators. The Greek prison school of AVLONA has used Erasmus KA1 subsidi to participate in this workshop which was held between March 15th and March 19th 2016.


The ALIPPE dyslexia workshop has been delivered between March 15th and March 19th 2016.
All of the participants described both the way it have been given as well as what they have learned as supreme.

The five Greek prison education teachers respond enthusisastically to Alippe's approach to dyslexia. The deputy director of the AVLONA prison school was convinced this course would have real importance for the school students.

Greece has already for more than 10 years serious attention for dyslexia in primary schools. This workshop has enhanced the participant knowledge with effective tools to support students in successive studies and in adult life.

General remarks about this workshop:

Our trainers were supplemented very well. One of them had the experience of his life and the knowledge of dyslexic and the others had the knowledge of prison school and the life with dyslexic persons. It was a perfect team.

Outcome of this workshop:

Participant 1:
I have learned a lot about dyslexia and for materials and how I can use them in my classroom, whaterver I need them. I learned a lot of strategic pedagocis. Learned to focus and how I can help the students to writneing and to reading better. Il learned that the dyslexic have abilities.
Participant 2:
The workshop was perfectly organised. It had aims. Manuals, theory, proactice. The group worded together and the trainers wer so close to us. They managed to give us their knowledge and experience.
Participant 3:
The workshop content was interesting and satisfactioning. I gave me the chance to "fly lik e Gull".
Participant 4:
It was very well organised. Very well targeted and made all seminars very clear. The student's book and the teacher's book are usefull tools to approach the ALIPPE way of learning. It is ideal also for a prison environment.
Participant 5:
The content of the workshop was very well organized and presented.