ALIPPE introduction to a different way of learning

Dyslexia course, Teacher's book, Student book, Teacher's workshop

ALIPPE offers to adult education organisations / teachers a means to convince "the difficult learner" that he/she is more capable than school results would predict.

ALIPPE reduces resistance against studying by focusing on a different learning style and each student's passion; it lets hesitant adult learners experience success which will help them into further studies.
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The six lessons dyslexia course is supported by a well structured teacher's book and a full colour illustrated student book.
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Teachers are invited to participate in a well appreciated ALIPPE teacher's workshop.
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EPEA: ALIPPE Prison Educators Experiences

Meeting prison educators who have experience with ALIPPE

Prison educators from European countries who have participated the Dutch Prison Pilot (2012/2013), the Grundtvig ALIPPE workshop (2014) or the Erasmus+ KA1 ALIPPE workshop (2016); Some of them have run the dyslexia course or worked through the material.

The EPEI (EPEA Initiatives) supports this event.